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Client Centered

As financial professionals, Red Oak Advisors is committed to helping people just like you create solutions for their retirement assets. Once we understand your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals, we will work diligently to develop a program that carefully balances investment strategies with preserving principal. Featured below is some key information that we believe could be beneficial to learning more about the managers we partner with when it comes to your investments.

Levels of Investors
Money management is based on individualized plans/goals and account size.

  • Investor (investable assets up to 1 million)
  • High Net Worth (investable assets 1-10 million)
  • Ultra-High Net Worth (10 million + in investable assets)

Private Money Manager Relationships

These are some of the more popular managers that we partner with.

  • William Blair (ultra-high net worth)
  • City National Rochdale (ultra-high net worth & high net worth)
  • CIBC (ultra-high net worth & high net worth) (high net worth)
  • Clark Capital (high net worth & investment)
  • Savos
  • Dorsey Wright
  • Double Line Schiller Enhanced CAPE (used as a complementary sleeve)
  • American Funds
  • Asset Mark Wealth Builder

William Blair

William Blair & Company is committed to building enduring relationships and providing expertise and solutions to meet evolving needs. As an employee-owned asset management and investment banking firm, William Blair has a strong investment pedigree with global reach managing a total of $144 billion including $65 billion in private wealth assets. William Blair seeks to build a relationship with financial advisors and their clients to develop and implement custom-tailored portfolios to meet each client’s evolving needs. Starting with a globally based strategic allocation, William Blair adopts a complementary active management focus for security selection and tactical allocation changes. While providing consistent exposure to the markets, William Blair makes tactical shifts based on long-term fundamental capital market forecasts and the identification of near-term opportunities relative to market conditions.

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  • Accounts are generally structured to include a mix of equities, bonds, and liquid alternative strategies to manage total risk. 
  • Accounts typically include meaningful exposure to William Blair’s proprietary domestic and international equity strategies, which leverage the firm’s extensive equity research capabilities.
  • Draws on the firm’s broader investment resources across equity research, fixed income, quantitative analysis, third-party manager due diligence, capital market research, and macro research.
  • Provides comprehensive and objective financial asset planning and consulting alongside tax transition analysis on a customized basis
  • Organization Year Founded: 1935 
  • Ownership Structure: Privately owned by partners 
  • Total Assets: $144 billion*
  • Team Investment Team: More than 25 
  • Range of Experience: 1 to over 30 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 4 CFA® charter-holders

City National Rochdale 

City National Rochdale specializes in personalized portfolio management for individuals, families, and institutions with more than $1 million in investable assets. Since its founding, City National Rochdale has taken a collaborative approach working with high-net-worth advisors, CPAs, and their clients to deliver a unique portfolio management service. City National Rochdale uses a customized approach to portfolio management focused on addressing each client’s unique risk tolerance, goals, and expectations. Starting with a domestically-oriented benchmark allocation, CNR adopts a complementary active management focus for security selection and tactical allocation changes. 

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  • Providing consistent exposure to the markets, CNR uses a long-term investment management approach designed to seek competitive performance over a market cycle while managing overall volatility and downside risk.
  • Portfolios are anchored to a long-term benchmark allocation, with tactical changes guided by proprietary, forward-looking macroeconomic and capital markets research.
  • May significantly reduce risk exposure in favor of cash to protect the portfolio in times of stress, but will not move entirely out of the market. 
  • Accounts are generally structured to include a mix of equities, bonds, and opportunistic income strategies, with use of individual securities for potential greater tax efficiency.
  • Provides asset allocation, tax management, and transition analysis on a customized basis tailored to each client’s needs and objectives.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1986 
  • Ownership Structure: Wholly owned by Royal Bank of Canada 
  • Total Assets: $56 billion*
  • Investment Team: More than 30 
  • Range of Experience: 5 to over 35 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 11 CFA charter-holders


CIBC Private Wealth Management was formed through the combination of six firms with expertise in investment and wealth management, culminating in the acquisition of Atlantic Trust by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in 2014. CIBC has a strong foundation built on a common mission of providing extraordinary client service and broad wealth management capabilities. CIBC Private Wealth Management offers customized portfolio management tailored to each client’s unique financial goals, biases, risk tolerance, and needs. With a strategic emphasis on high-quality growth equities and US fixed income, CIBC aims to add value through tactical asset allocation changes and active security selection.

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  • Provides broad exposure to traditional and more specialized asset classes, seeking mitigation of downside risk through diversification and adherence to high-quality bias. 
  • Views on the economy and markets drive tactical asset allocation changes within strategic ranges set forth in each client’s customized investment policy statement. 
  • Accounts are generally structured to include a mix of equities, bonds, and opportunistic strategies, with use of individual securities for potential greater tax efficiency.
  • Provides asset allocation, tax management, and transition analysis on a customized basis tailored to each client’s needs and objectives.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1980 
  • Ownership Structure: Publicly traded 
  • NYSE: CM Total Assets: $98 billion*
  • Investment Team: More than 50 
  • Range of Experience: 2 to over 35 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 30 CFA charter-holders

Clark Capital Management Group

Clark Capital Management Group is an independent boutique asset management firm focused on working with advisors to deliver client focused investment solutions. Clark’s ‘client-first’ approach takes a fully collaborative approach to building tailor-made client solutions. Clark’s ‘client-first’ approach focuses on combining a disciplined, objective investment approach with meaningful outcome-oriented process to build the Personal Unified Managed Account (PUMA) portfolio that meets the unique needs of individuals. 

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  • The process allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet individual needs through multiple investment horizons and across life and financial goals.
  • PUMA solutions are built to last by delivering meaningful diversification, opportunistic asset allocation and systematic risk management within a unique single solution. 
  • PUMA’s building blocks are extensive and offer a diverse set of strategies across a range of exposures from traditional equity and fixed income to tactical, alternative, and diversifying strategies. 
  • Leveraging Clark’s technology platform, PUMA can maximize diversification benefits by combining separately-managed accounts, ETF strategist portfolios, mutual funds, and options to hedge downside risk. 
  • Tailoring a client-focused solution also includes a personalized tax management transition plan if transferring existing accounts. 
  • The collaborative approach continues throughout the life of the strategy and includes personal benchmarks to ensure goals are being met.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1986 
  • Ownership Structure: Private, majority held by Executive Chairman & Founder Harry J. Clark 
  • Total Assets: $30.0 billion*
  • Investment Team: 2 
  • Range of Experience: 28 to over 37 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 2 CFA® charter-holders


Savos Personal Portfolios are built primarily using individual equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs), and feature a systematic approach, backed by years of research and experience in quantitative investing. 

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  • The strategy can be customized to client-specific goals and objectives by selecting different investment choices across equity, fixed income, tactical, and alternative solutions. 
  • Depending on the solutions selected, the strategy seeks to build diversified portfolios while adapting to market conditions and balancing risk and reward. 
  • Combines factor-based security selection – across both equity and fixed income – with a tactical approach to managing equity exposure and the option to include strategic exposure to precious metals. 
  • Optimization process is used to construct a portfolio of stocks that targets key factors like value, momentum, quality, and growth sought by the team. 
  • Tactical equity component aims to increase participation in equity market upside, with flexibility to reduce downside by adding to cash in riskier markets.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1996 Ownership Structure: Publicly traded (NYSE: AMK) Total Assets: $93.5 billion on the platform*
  • Investment Team: 15 
  • Range of Experience: 1 to over 20 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 7 CFA® charter-holders, 1 CAIA, 1 CFP, 2 FRM, 1 PHD

Dorsey Wright

Dorsey Wright is a registered investment advisor, wholly owned by NASDAQ. With their expertise in technical analysis, Dorsey Wright offers both investment management and research services with the goal of educating, empowering, and supporting their clients. Dorsey Wright’s Tactical Fixed Income strategy seeks to actively rotate exposures across the credit markets and yield curve in response to the market environment.  

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  • The strategy can access multiple fixed income sectors, providing differentiated sources of excess return as well as diversification benefits. 
  • While the strategy seeks to generate attractive total return and income, capital preservation is emphasized through dedicated exposure to government bonds regardless of the market environment. 
  • The systematically driven investment process leverages Dorsey Wright’s research on relative strength and will benefit from positive market trends. 
  • While generally favoring US fixed income exposures the strategy can invest up to 15% in emerging market bonds. 
  • Allocations are implemented through low-cost, highly liquid ETFs that provide broad exposure to each asset class.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1987 
  • Ownership Structure: Wholly owned by NASDAQ 
  • Total Assets: $15.8 billion*
  • Investment Team: 2 
  • Range of Experience: 8 to 27 years
  •  Range of Qualifications: 1 CMT, 1 CFA charter-holder

American Funds

Singularly focused on delivering consistent results for long term investors, Capital Group has used high-conviction investing, rigorous research and diverse perspectives since its inception. Aligning with investor success, Capital Group focuses on investor objectives and has built out the renowned American Funds family providing single asset class and asset allocation solutions.

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  • The American Funds Model Portfolios use a proprietary Capital System that combines multiple perspectives into a single approach and focuses on client objectives. Using high-conviction ideas drawn from the Capital Group complex, the model portfolios provide broadly diversified, actively-managed portfolios with lower fees.
  • Keeping focused on the long-term and incorporating deep insights into the behaviors of each of the American Funds, forms the cornerstone of selecting which funds are combined within the portfolio, which is designed to meet real-world objectives aligned with investor goals.
  • A hallmark of the American Funds philosophy is the uniquely diversified portfolio that results from the combination of active investment decisions of multiple investment professionals focused on providing consistent, long-term results.
  • The portfolios are driven by the bottom-up views from each fund used in the model, and not a specific target of equities and fixed income.
  • Seven of Capital Group's more experienced professionals oversee the selection of funds used within the portfolio, and each fund is managed by a team of portfolio managers and analysts.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1931 
  • Ownership Structure: Private 
  • Total Assets: $2.7 trillion*
  • Investment Team: 7 
  • Range of Experience: 23 to over 30 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 1 PhD, 2 CFA® charter-holders

Asset Mark Wealth Builder

AssetMark is an independent provider of innovative investment and consulting solutions serving financial advisors. AssetMark is recognized for supporting financial advisors in their life’s work through asset management excellence, compelling technology and thought leadership.

Asset Mark’s Wealth Builder portfolios combine the platform’s best thinking around building goal-based solutions within our investing evolved framework.

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  • Signature asset management approach to building portfolios by combining different investment strategies, offering an all-in-one solution that seeks to achieve a growth-based investment goal.
  • The portfolios reflect Asset Mark’s time-tested, academic investment approaches in tailored solutions to allow investors to stay invested through all market cycles and meet their investment objectives.
  • Built for the long term, the core of the portfolio is constructed for broad diversification that allows for participation in the growth of global markets and is complemented with tactical and diversifying strategies to manage risk efficiently.
  • The disciplined investment process allows the portfolios to adapt to changing market environments and removes human biases in the investment decision.
  • Holds a mix of ETFs and mutual funds that undergo due diligence and have consideration for costs and liquidity.
  • Organization Year Founded: 1996 
  • Ownership Structure: Publicly traded (NYSE: AMK) 
  • Total Assets: $93.5 billion on the platform*
  • Investment Team: 15 
  • Range of Experience: 1 to over 20 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 7 CFA charter-holders, 1 CAIA, 1 CFP, 2 FRM, 1 Ph.D.

Double Line Schiller Enhanced CAPE

Double Line was founded in 2009 to offer investment services with emphasis on managing assets under its cardinal mandate − deliver better risk-adjusted returns for clients. This rule is integral to the firm as it focuses on avoiding unintended risk. The strategy provides consistent exposure to the US equity markets and has two main sources of return. Taking exposure to a US sector exposure through derivatives allows for simultaneous exposure to an actively managed global fixed income portfolio.

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  • Equity exposure is gained through the use of derivatives on the Shiller Barclays CAPE® US Core Sector index, delivering performance results that seek to track the index.
  • The Barclays Shiller Index uses a rules-based approach to identify the five cheapest US equity sectors using Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller’s modified cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio.
  • The five sectors are reduced to four by identifying those with the best momentum. This helps to sidestep sectors that have consistently been trading at a low value for a long period of time.
  • The fixed income portion of the portfolio is actively managed by DoubleLine’s fixed income team across the full range of fixed income sectors and provides an additional source of value.
  • The strategy will move largely in line with the US equity market and the emphasis on valuation should lead to higher risk.
  • Organization Year Founded: 2009 
  • Ownership Structure: Private 
  • Total Assets: Over $134.2 bn*
  • Investment Team: 114 
  • Range of Experience: 1 to over 36 years 
  • Range of Qualifications: 1 PhD 38 CFA® charter-holders

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