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Personal Legacy

What Will Your Legacy Look Like?

What Will Your Legacy Look Like?

Creating a legacy is a main focus of what Red Oak Advisors encourages our clients to do. After their house in order, so to speak, we inspire our clients to truly enjoy life. This page is dedicated to our clients and their ideas. Please browse the many ideas below to fuel your passion and build your own legacy!

Let us help you prepare for your future so you can enjoy the things that really matter.

Is it time to start creating your legacy? Do you want your loved ones to know that life is about more than money? Have you worked hard throughout your life, and now you feel that it is time to start taking advantage of all your future has to offer? Don’t wait until you are dying – make a bucket list because you want to start living.

Making a bucket list can remind you of what is really important in your life and may also help you focus your energy into what really matters. Reexamining your goals can help propel you in the right direction. Completing a bucket list will keep you focused, make you feel accomplished, keep you active, and help you to create a legacy that can shape you into a more fulfilled person.

Creating a bucket list is the first step to accomplishing the fun things in life you have always had the desire to conquer! Involving the people around you can be fun and inspiring to others. A bucket list is an invitation to dream BIG, and it sets a great example for the next generation.

Putting your bucket list in writing gives you a better chance of actually carrying it out. Share your list with friends and family as well – this will hold you accountable and help you to move forward with your dreams. Alternatively, get together with a group of people and discuss the things you have done and plan to do – this will give you support and ideas that you never thought of before. Trade in your book club for a bucket list club!

Client Centered

Put realistic deadlines on your activities. Prioritize your bucket list and take action. Push your personal boundaries. Life is short – start TODAY!

Don’t worry if you are not adventurous – sometimes the small things we do are the most gratifying. Donating blood, helping the less fortunate, or spending time with loved ones belongs on this list as well.

We have compiled some ideas to get you started. If you have already started your journey and have ideas for us, please email them to If you would like to include a picture, we would be happy to add it to our photo album. Good luck!

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